GPCR Dock 2021

Q1: What's the deadline for model submission?

A1: The deadline is 11:59 pm, Dec 15, 2021, PST (4:00 pm, Dec 16, 2021, Beijing Time; 8:00 am, Dec 16, 2021, UTC+0).

Q2: Can I register now?

A2: Yes! You're welcome to register anytime before the deadline of GPCR Dock 2021 which is the same for all no matter when you register. We will send you the target list to your registered email within one day.

Q3: I have registered but not received the target list.

A3: If you have registered but not received the target list after one day, please check your spam folder.

Q4: For each target, how many models can I submit?

A4: For each target, you can submit up to 5 models per group code. If you have more than one methods, you may tick the box under Is this one of Multiple Registrations during PI registration to get multiple group codes.

If you submit more than 5 models per target per group code (which we do NOT recommend), we will randomly choose 5 models for assessment.

Q5: How many targets are there in GPCR Dock 2021?

A5: There are 5 targets in GPCR Dock 2021. The ligands are either small molecules (2 out of 5) or short peptides (3 out of 5).

Q6: How do you assess the models?

A6: We have unpublished experimental structures for all 5 targets. We will compare your models with the experimental structures for assessment. We will only assess the accuracy of the receptor chain and the accuracy of the ligand docking. For details, please check the Assessment page in our website.

Q7: What does the -NH2 mean in the end of peptide ligand sequence?

A7: It means that the peptide is capped by the -NH2 group in its C-terminal.

If you have more questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us (Irina Kufareva:, or Suwen Zhao: